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Year 6 debate

On Friday the 26th of May the Year 6 debate team were part of the regional debate finals. The team had taken part in a number of debates at Clapton Girls academy over the Spring term and scored enough points to qualify for the final. The final took place at LinkLaters, a law firm in London. They had to debate one of three topics and ended up opposing the motion that children under the age of 11 should be allowed Mobile Phones. The team as a whole were truly amazing and I was so proud to see how they had improved over the term. Indigo, Riyanah and Samuel were able to make their points clearly and rebut the other teams points. Hana did a great job as time keeper and Rexford and Valy asked some interesting questions during the floor debate. Although we didn’t win, the efforts of the team made me proud to be with them. Even though we didn’t make it through to the national finals, one of our team received a special mention for his questions in the final debate – Samuel received a certificate as the best audience member. Well done Samuel!

“The debate final was a terrific and wonderful experience for the school’s team. We enjoyed every part of it. We learnt many new things and had fun debating the other schools. We were influenced and inspired by their teamwork skills, loud speaking and confidence, and we developed those skills as well. When we didn’t win, of course we were distraught and disappointed, but still very happy for the other teams and grateful that we were chosen to compete in the final. We have learnt a lot from these past few weeks on trips to the amazing debates, and I am very proud of myself and my team, and know that I tried my hardest. I am looking forward to maybe doing more debating when I am in secondary school. The skills that I have learnt will better me in the future and stay with me.”     By Riyanah. Year 6
                     “I liked the way that the other schools in the debate constructed their speeches and I learnt to speak fluently and confidently.” By Indigo. Year 6

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