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The Chocolate tree

As part of our whole school topic of Chocolate, all the children read the book The Chocolate Tree by Linda Lowery. This book tells the story of a Maya myth explaining how the Maya people got chocolate In this story, the Maya God Kulkulkan steals the chocolate tree and gives it to the Maya people as a reward for all of their hard work. His brother, the Night Jaguar, isn’t very pleased as he doesn’t agree the Mayas deserve chocolate and thinks it is so special it should be kept for the Gods alone. The children used this story as inspiration to produce some writing.

In Nursery and Reception they were focusing on the types of chocolates they liked.


In Year 1 they wrote instructions about how to make chocolate.

In Year 2 they wrote diary recounts of the day Kulkulkan stole the chocolate tree.

In Year 3 the children turned the story in to a play script and wrote a debate speech about whether the Mayas should be given the chocolate or not.

In Year 4 the children wrote letters to the Night Jaguar to try to persuade him that they should be allowed chocolate.


In Year 5 the children wrote their own story with a moral dilemma in it


In Year 6 they wrote news paper articles about the day the chocolate tree was stolen.

This book produced some wonderful chances to discuss moral values such as whether it is right to steal and whether you should share things that are good. Do you think Kulkulkan was right to take the chocolate tree without asking? He did share it with people he thought were good so does that make it ok? Or is Night Jaguar right that good things should only be for certain people and his brother was wrong to steal?







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