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Student teachers

You may have noticed some new faces in your child’s class over the last couple of weeks if they are in Years 1,2,3 or 4. That’s because we have 4 student teachers with us at the moment.
Ms Sotiri – Year 1, Mr Pisano – Year 3 and Ms Komili – Year 4 are all undertaking their first placement of their Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Mrs Ali – Year 2 is in her third year of Bachelor Degree in Primary Education. Having student teachers in school allows us to support those who are just starting out in their teaching career. It also gives our teachers the chance to develop leadership skills. Most importantly, the children benefit from additional adult support and because having a student teacher allows the class teacher to observe them learning in a way that would not normally be possible. Mrs Ali is already teaching the Year 2 pupils on a regular basis. Ms Sotiri, Mr Pisano and Ms Komili will be starting to teacher their respective classes from January.

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