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EYFS and Infant School play

Last Thursday we held the Early Years and Key Stage 1 End of Year performance – Gnome Alone. It was a story about Norman the Gnome, who was desperate to help Santa to get ready for his Christmas deliveries. Every time there was a chance, he offered to help. He asked to paint the sleigh, clean the reindeer, polish Santa’s boots and pack the presents. Ever time he offered to help, he got told he was too small. But he didn’t give up. He kept asking and eventually Santa realised Norman was just the right size to sit behind him on the sleigh and help deliver the presents. Well done for showing such resilience Norman!

The children did amazingly in their performance and the costumes were great. We are all really proud of them. We are also very grateful to all of the adults – Mr Dogan, Miss Martin, Miss Presland, Miss O’Brien, Miss Walrond, Miss Alison, Miss Adu and Miss Haines. Also well done to Miss Callaghan and Miss Zaiban who helped out a lot too.




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