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Peer mediation update

Our mediators have been working hard to explain why the applied to take part in the Peer Mediation scheme. Have a look at their reasons below.

My name is Nicholas and I applied to be a Peer Mediator because I enjoy helping people and I am a good listener. Helping children solve their disagreements in a calm manner is a positive way without the need to fight or shout.

My name is Amber and I am in year six. I have a little brother in this school his name is Ilias. I choose to be a Peer Mediator because I have great interview skills. I am a kind, helpful and an approachable person. I love helping people and that would make our school a happy and fun environment. I enjoy sports and playing instruments. I am really excited to help young people solve their problems.

My name is Raquel and I am 10 years old. I have 3 siblings that are older than me. I have a nephew in year 4 and I take good care of him. I enjoy helping my mum. I wanted to be a Peer Mediator because I want to help children with their problems with their class mates. I want children to have an happy time in Baden Powell. I am honoured to be a Peer Mediator and I am going to represent our school properly.
My name is Oraia and I am in year six. I wanted to be a Peer Mediator because I don’t like to see people upset and I want young people to enjoy their time and have good memories of their Primary School life. I love helping people out and making them feel safe in school. I hate to see people miserable so I try to cheer them up or at least make them smile. Also I want to make the school a happier environment. I have an older brother and an adorable Dalmatian named Chino.

My name is Ebenezer, I want to prove to everyone that I can be a good Peer Mediator by being fair in dealing with problems and by showing good listening. I am willing to miss lunch times to help with meetings and will always show respect to my class and to everyone in school.

My name is Ibrahima and I am in year six. I really like to help people with their problems and make them feel happy. My skills for a Peer Mediator: I am a good listener and I am a fair and a good problem solver. I help solve a problem with my little brother and his friend by letting them speak one at a time and listened to both sides of the story.

My name is Kelcy and I am in year six. Helping young children around the school solve their problems is very important. I will help pupils find a solution to their problems by showing good listening and I will not take sides.

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