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Nursery and Reception trip to the park

On Friday Nursery and Reception went on an Autumnal walk to Hackney Downs park to collect leaves and see what signs they could spot for Autumn. Have a look at the pictures they took. Don’t they look like they had fun?  What signs of Autumn can you see?  
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Year 6 IntoUniversiy

At the start of the year, Year 6 had the opportunity to work with the team at IntoUniversity to learn about WW1. They took part in a lot of activities throughout the week and during that period they planned and prepared a presentation about key people from WW1. They also got to...
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Year 2 Mini beast hunt

Year 2 went off to the park again this week for another science lesson – this time they were searching for mini-beasts. They checked out lots of different micro-habitats and found out that different mini-beasts like to live in different habitats.
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Year 2 Habitats trip

Year 2 had an exciting trip out this afternoon, looking at the local habitats around the school. They had a great time in the park and also took the opportunity to tap some boxes and earn Beat the Street points for our school. Well done Year 2.
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The ArcelorMittal orbit Beat the Street launch event

  The ArcelorMittal orbit On Wednesday 20th of September I went to the Orbit with Kasim, Sruti, Murat, Margaret and Luqman. We went up 450 steps and there were a few Beat the Street boxes. The press were there, taking pictures of us tapping the boxes. When we eventually...
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Year 6 trip to Frylands 2017

Last week, Year 6 had an amazing week away at Frylands Scout Camp. We took part in loads of fun activities, including shooting, swimming, climbing and archery. We also had a pyjama party, camp fire and a huge water fight. Some of us built a balista (which is kind of like a...
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