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Year 3 – Outdoor learning

Year 3 took their Maths learning outside onto the playground today. To help with their rounding skills, Mr Pisano drew a number line on the playground and placed the bunny (a member of Year 3) on a particular number. The children then had to decide which was the closest ten and...
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Year 1 Science

In Science this term, Year 1 have been looking at animals and how they are suited to their environment. The children watched a BBC wildlife clip looking at how snakes and lizards have adapted to the desert. They then made models of the lizard’s feet out of playdough. Check...
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Year 3 trip to Tower Bridge

As part of their London Landmarks topic, Year 3 visited Tower Bridge. The children climbed up to the high-level walkways and were even brave enough to cross the glass floors. Year 3 also took part in a hands-on workshop that challenged them to work in teams to raise the bascules...
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Reception Harvest food collection.

All of last week, Reception class were collecting tins and packets of food, which they then donated to the Salvation Army to distribute to families in need over the coming weeks. They were learning about Harvest, Harvest festival and the Harvest gifts. On Friday, two members of...
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Nursery and Reception trip to the park

On Friday Nursery and Reception went on an Autumnal walk to Hackney Downs park to collect leaves and see what signs they could spot for Autumn. Have a look at the pictures they took. Don’t they look like they had fun?  What signs of Autumn can you see?
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Attendance 17.11.17

Well done Year 3 – this week’s attendance winners.  
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Children in Need

Today we held a non-uniform day to help raise money for Children in Need. It was great to see so many pupils participating. Children in Need is a great charity that supports children both in the UK and the world and by taking part in such events helps the children to learn about...
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Connect and collect

The ESOL connect and collect parent group, which is funded by Renaisi (  have been working on their crochet skills over the last couple of sessions. Have a look at these pictures to see what they’ve been up to. The group happens most Monday mornings....
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The Chocolate tree

As part of our whole school topic of Chocolate, all the children read the book The Chocolate Tree by Linda Lowery. This book tells the story of a Maya myth explaining how the Maya people got chocolate In this story, the Maya God Kulkulkan steals the chocolate tree and gives it to...
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Attendance 10/11/17

Congratulations Year 6 – you were this week’s attendance winners with 100% attendance. It was great to see you in school every day this week. Keep it up!
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