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The ArcelorMittal orbit Beat the Street launch event


The ArcelorMittal orbit

On Wednesday 20th of September I went to the Orbit with Kasim, Sruti, Murat, Margaret and Luqman. We went up 450 steps and there were a few Beat the Street boxes. The press were there, taking pictures of us tapping the boxes. When we eventually reached the top there were many activities for us to do; Mr Ekeama got very competitive and found all the words before us. I coloured in a  teddy bear called Bet Tie who represented  Beat the Street. After about an hour of calming down, drinking lots of water and having grapes we decided to go down the slide. Mr Ekeama started to get very scared as we were lining up because of how loud the people were screaming. We were waiting for a very long time because the slide was extra slippery and to make it a bit slower we used mats that had more friction against the slide but the problem was there were only three of them. The slide was super fast and the lights went on and off. While we were waiting for MR Ekeama to come down, he came down the lift with Murat because he changed his mind. When he went back up to get his bag every body was saying you could skip the queue but he still didn’t go down so I call him a chicken.
By Imogen

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